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Results from the comfort of your home

pee on card and decode yourself
01 - Scan test
Simply pee on the test card, scan it and get detailed info about the state of your body.
parameters which we decode
02 - Get results
Your wellness score and wellness parameters inform you about state of your body.
checkmarkResults in 2 minutes from comfort of your home
checkmarkWellness score based on your state of body
checkmark15 different wellness parameters
checkmarkEach parameter explained in detail
checkmarkHistorical tracking of your wellness score and parameters
03 - Personalized plan
Your unique plan of supplements, foods, fastings and hydration tailored to your body.
checkmarkPlan tailored exactly to your body
checkmark10.000+ Personalised advice
checkmarkAdvice prepared by nutritionists, dietitians and doctors
checkmarkAdvice that can easily fit in your daily life
checkmarkEveryday tasks to help you to build a healthy routine

What Perfeqt evaluates

A little pee goes a long way in tracking what’s going on in your body.

icon MagnesiumMagnesium
icon Vitamin CVitamin C
icon pHpH
icon KetonesKetones
icon BloodBlood
icon ProteinsProteins
icon LeukocytesLeukocytes
icon CreatinineCreatinine
icon GlucoseGlucose
icon WaterWater
icon CalciumCalcium
icon Micro AlbuminMicro Albumin
icon BilirubinBilirubin
icon NitriteNitrite
icon UrobilinogenUrobilinogen
Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body. It’s involved in over 600 cellular reactions, from making DNA to helping your muscles contract.
  • • Maintains a healthy brain function
  • • Maintains a healthy heartbeat
  • • Helps regulate muscle contractions
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You have to physically visit a lab.
Several hours or days
See if your levels are improving a couple times a year.
Needs human interpretation
You need to visit a doctor or other medical practitioner to explain your results and give you personalised advice.
A doctor or medical practitioner needs to take your blood.
Just take the test from the comfort of your home.
2 minutes
See if your levels are improving as often as you want.
AI algorithm
Advice in the app has been vetted by doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and is powered by artificial intelligence.
Just pee on your test card at-home.

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